Bridging Loans

Market-leading short-term secured finance


Quick, straight-forward and transparent loans from as little as 0.60% per month plus LIBOR and fees. Borrow £500,000 to £50,000,000 for up to 12 months without any exit or early redemption fees. Our bridging loans can be used for both residential and commercial property and for a multitude of purposes, including: Bridging the purchase of a property or land, funding the acquisition of commercial or buy-to-let property, refinancing or business use.


The following information is intended as a guideline only (regions may vary):

Maximum LTV (1) 70%
Interest Rate Per Month from 0.60% plus LIBOR
Maximum Loan Size £50,000,000
Minimum Loan Size £500,000
Arrangement fee (2) 1%
Exit Fee 0%
Maximum Term 12 months
Minimum Term 3 months
Interest Payable on Exit yes
Interest Compounded quarterly
Minimum Interest Payable case-by-case

(1) Including interest and fees
(2) Rolled into loan


  1. Open to individuals and corporates
  2. Property development & investment or business purposes only
  3. LTVs based on open market value
  4. Not to be used for building works
  5. No bankruptcies, outstanding CCJs or poor credit
  6. Clear exit strategy must be provided
  7. Subject to satisfactory due diligence
  8. Evidence of affordability if servicing interest during term
  9. Security by way of 1st ranking legal charge
  10. Limited PGs, company and share charges required if lending to corporates

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